Welcome to the Real World of Startup Business!

Seems like you have finally decided upon a business. A flower shop? Dance classes? Jewellery store? Tattoo Studio? Well, whatever it is, congratulations! You now belong to the 2.76% of the population that has some clarity about what to do with their life. In case you have not decided on a business yet, please go here. If you still need advice on choosing the perfect business for you, write to me at juggy.in@gmail.com I’d be more than happy to be a part of your decision making process.

Challenges await!

Once you have picked up a trade, get ready for the challenges.

Honestly, no amount of inspirational videos, quotes, books or biopics can prepare you for what the real world has in store for you. The world of startup businesses is full of challenges. The trick is to just shut out the noise and step into it. Enjoy the ride. Every single business setup is unique, just like the DNA structure. Everybody in the world is on a different mission.

But, if you have chosen the right path (I really hope you have) these challenges will not kill you. They’ll only make you stronger. Future, I promise, is green.

A little back story!

When we moved from New Delhi to Kotkapura (a small town in Punjab, India) it felt like we had landed on a different planet altogether. Being my birthplace, this will always be my most favorite place and all, but I was used to a different life. Five-day work weeks, swanky advertising agency offices, black coffee, late nights, business discussions about brands like Sony, HBO, Philips, Taj Hotels etc., outings on weekends, street photography in Old Delhi, a somewhat happening social life, the pace and the buzz… all of that disappeared in a snap! And here, in this small town, I was hoping to find business in a market that was probably 1/10000th (a guess) of the size of New Delhi.

The point is, the challenges can crush your spirit. You start to feel so small that you doubt everything. It can affect you physically. But again, you have got to believe, mostly because there’s no other option. And like all stories, there’s always a twist.

The twist!

After coming to Kotkapura, I bagged my first logo design deal. It was a turban shop. I called up the owner (Manpreet Singh) and fixed a meeting. After I showed him my portfolio of ads for Taj Hotels, Philips, HBO etc. he readily agreed for logo design. Following is what I did with it.

The Turban Hut old and new logo.
Old business cards (with the excuse of a logo) and the new logo I created.

Everything changes when you get your first deal. Or, to be more accurate, it’s up to you to bring about that change once you get your foot in the door.

I gave this job my one thousand percent. I made around ten different designs, presented the best two and this one got to see the light of the day.

Meaning behind the logo!

I make it a point to infuse some meaning in each logo I design. The colorful T that you see here has a meaning, apart from being just a very colorful T. If you walk into a turban shop, that’s exactly how they arrange turbans in there. Clever, right? Well, there has to be something about the logo apart from prettiness. A clever idea, a story, or some sort of reasoning that makes it special for the business. Gives it depth. Gives it character. I don’t feel right if any of my logos doesn’t have that depth. I refuse to give away half-baked logos to my clients, even if they say yes to a half-baked option. That’s my personal law. Nobody gets to break it.


Each color bar (in The Turban Hut logo) represents a different shade of turban, and the baseline lyrically connects shades with pride, pride being the sole idea behind a Sikh turban. Shades of Pride! The baseline encapsulates the business so beautifully and efficiently. Another thing that I love (besides designing logos) is writing baselines. Now that’s the benefit of being trained in copy writing and having worked as a copywriter. After successfully delivering my first logo, I advertised it on Facebook, targeting the ad locally. And as the number of likes grew, I felt better and more confident. The wheels had come in motion.

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