Your Product is at the Heart of Your Business Success

All that theorizing and marketing will lead to nothing, if you have a shitty product. My little startup wouldn’t fly if my logos weren’t great. I can be a little boastful sometimes, but that’s mostly because I see no harm in it. It doesn’t make me lazy working on my next project. People at different level should be able to understand your work. At least people who are your target audience. Or your target audience’s target audience.

Improvement of your product is an on-going process. In a competitive world, you have to keep refining things. In my case, I create a wide variety of design options when I start designing a new logo. And even after the client has said okayed an option, I keep working on it, making mental notes, tweaking it here and there, to see if there’s scope for further improvement, before the logo is launched into the real world, of course.

Apart from my experience, let’s consider the following example of a…

[… to be continued…]

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