The Magic of New!

As humans, we develop blind-spots for the things we see everyday. When was the last time you stopped to look at a yellow auto-rickshaw in India? Now, if the driver got creative and got it painted all pink, that would be a sight to watch! Similarly, when thinking about a new business, I always recommend to customize it, just because you can. The customization can vary depending on the industry, geography, population, culture whatever… The point is… a little tweak goes a long way.

We’ve all seen juice bars. We have all been customers of the roadside sugarcane juice stalls, but who would have thought of a cool looking cafe (with great branding) offering five (and counting) different flavors of sugarcane juice alone? Served in the most beautiful glasses, ever. Hygiene level: 9000. Brilliant thinking, I say! That’s creating a new business-category altogether.

Mr. Dilbag Singh had this idea for years before he gave it shape and put his money in it. I was instantly hooked when he visited my office and shared this cool idea with me. The cafe was not ready yet, but I already wanted to be there and try out these new magic drinks that he was talking about. He had a customer before he had the business! Not just me… I am sure most of the people who heard about it, wanted to experience it.

We started with the naming options. I remember sharing five or six name options the next day. He discussed the names with his wife and they decided on The Sugarcane Central. I knew from the start that this name demanded an emblem logo. But nonetheless, I provided them with three options. Not shown here. I had promised only two options but that’s what I do when a client can get me excited about their job.

These are the variations of the option that they selected.

The last one was okayed. My job was done. They loved it. We put a banner of the final option on site while the construction work was still going on. To get the real feel.

And when I saw it hanging there a couple of times, I thought there was scope for improvement. So I got back to the drawing board. The following is what we finally okayed. We omitted the “The” to make it catchier. Just like Facebook did once.

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