How to choose your business?

Choosing the right business is the first decision you will make. Do it right.

I’ll tell you how I chose mine. You have heard it a thousand times: Follow your heart! I was just stubborn enough to put these golden words into practice. The world maybe going crazy about Bitcoins and Big Data, but if you love creating artsy masterpieces out of mundane objects, that’s where your treasure is. Choose it over anything else. The example of Mrs. Suman Sonthalia stands out. She translated her hobby into a real world business and today she is at the top of her game. Check Aakriti Art Creations. A million thanks to her for trusting me with her logo design. It was my first assignment as a freelance logo designer. I am proud that I did justice to it.

Aakriti Art Creations Logo
My first real assignment as a freelance logo designer.


Like they say, love finds a way. Similarly, your startup will find a market, too.

There’s nothing mysterious or complex about discovering what you love. The answer is within. You already know it. Your friends know it. Your parents know it, too. They’ll let you know of your biggest strength. And if you haven’t made it your business yet, who will?

Unless you adopt something you really love, you’ll spend the rest of your life working harder than you really have to. I chose advertising because I enjoyed watching tv commercials more than watching The Jungle Book. I knew the baselines of all major brands when I was maybe 13. So, years later, I trashed all my degrees (more than seven years worth of certificates that proved I had took computer science and information technology classes) to work as a part time graphic design intern (at BR Ads, Chandigarh) I had made my first right choice. My father wasn’t too happy about it. He is proud of me now.

This is how most of my text books looked like, back in the day.

Typical old notebook from college days.
My typical notebook looked like this, when I didn’t even know that logo design was a possible career option.

If I spotted a new logo (and liked it,) I could study it for a few moments, measure it tentatively and reproduce it on a piece of paper when I was home.

Years later, I have a sizeable portfolio of logos, conceptualized and designed by me.

Getting get back to you.

Here’s a list of things people can be passionate about. Is your favorite sport in there?

Cooking. Do people often tell you what a great cook you are? Start a cafe!

Gardening. Do you love getting your knees dirty in the mud? Start a blog and a business where people can buy plants along with free advice and a service where a gardener can visit their homes (monthly or weekly) to take care of their plants.

Interior Design. Do your friends call you before buying new curtains? Become a social influencer. While you increase your base of followers, companies take notice of you and start paying you a cut.

Music. Would you prefer practicing an instrument (or singing) over attending a very cool pool party? Start a Youtube channel and upload stuff. Stardom is not faraway if music is your first love.

Of course, this is a never ending list. But I plan on keeping it updated.

The thing is… you get the gist. The idea is choose your sharpest weapon, and then, entrepreneur the hell out of it! If you need inspiration, you can read this little blog post.

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