Guide to Establishing a Successful Small Business

If you dream of owning a business one day, you need to start right away.

The leap from “not having decided to start a business yet” to “hell, yeah!” demands a lot of courage. It’s scary, especially if you have a decent job. The hardest part is letting go of your securities.

When I quit my last job in an advertising agency, it was an act of impulse. I didn’t plan on it. I just realized one fine day that I was done with the overall bullshit. I could not to put up with the two assholes who were also referred to as bosses by some people. On the way home, I also decided that I was not going to work under anyone, anymore. I needed to start something of my own. And when I reached home and told my wife about it, she was crazy enough to accept it. But, here comes the hard part. This was real life, and not a 2-hour Netflix film.

I did not have the capital, or a big idea, or an investor, or a passionate team of people dying to work (free) for me… none of it! Worse, we were recently married, and lived in South Delhi – the more expensive part of the city. In two months, we hit rock bottom. We had to leave the city and come back to my hometown. It was not the plan. It was never the plan. I felt like an epic loser.

But, eventually we ended up establishing a successful small business in my hometown. And by successful, I do not mean I was on the covers of major business publications, but our little boat had sailed. This establishment that I named Brandstreet paid our bills and brought prosperity in our lives. And most importantly, it became a platform for us to see bigger dreams (rather than helping others achieve theirs) and work hard towards achieving them. On our terms.

Wish you a great Business Day!
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